“ICEQUER” is derved from “ICE” and “CONQUER”, and “ I” the prefix of ICEQUER also representsour brand spirit “intelligence”.

We not only trust “ICEQUER” will help users to conquer any dangerous situations causing from ice and snow, but also expect “ICEQUER” become the one of the leading brands of non-slip snow grabbers.



JiaHao Plastics Factory Co., Ltd located in Changhua, Taiwan, and was established in 1986. We specialized in plastic injections and products developing. Our major products are non-slip snow grabbers, garden tools and daily accessories. We not only keep developing new model of products but also manufacturing products according to customer’s design.

We possess complete production equipment and professional skills. From products design, handmade samples, ejection shapes to package and package of parts, we perform every step with care in order to make products reach the highest quality.

Our products own various patents and CE certificates, and have already sold well to worldwide for many years. We conduct strict quality inspections over each product.

The birth of ICEQUER

In 2013, Mr. Ko Kuo-CHI the owner of Jia Hao developed the new brand-ICEQUER which is combined by two words “ICE” and “Conquer”. We wish that when the users wear the ICEQUER walking on the snow or ice, they can conquer the danger causing from snow or ice. And also we expect the brand ICEQUER becomes one of the leading brands of ice cleats.

We are increasingly expanding our international market share based on quality products, excellent service, reasonable price and timely delivery. Please contact us at any time for more information.